Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Whirlwind of the Last Weeks

The last couple of weeks have been the best of times and the worst of times.  Here is what happened in not necessarily the correct order. 

*    My apartment manager notified us that the apartments had been sold and that we had to move out.  The good part is that they have given us 16 months to do so.  The Buyer has also offered us a moving package of $2,500 which they will pay to the Seller company but the Seller company hasn't figured out how they will get the funds to us?? Like before we move, or after?   

*    Just when I should be apartment hunting, the alternator has gone out in my car, at least that is my diagnosis.  I should be so lucky that it is only the battery.  And, remember, I just got the air conditioner fan fixed the week before that so, yeah, the pocketbook is very thin right now. 

*    Additional money woes include two large yearly renewals that hit my bank this month.  Darn, there goes my food money so borrowed from my daughter.  Hahaha.  Turn about feels funny. 

*    My contesting has taken a turn for the better.  

        I won a $500 visa gift card from my bank.  They usually send this kind of prize FedEx ground and I haven't been notified that it has been mailed yet. 

        Without being notified, I received a large box with perishable, dry ice, do not handle.  What have I bought now, I thought.  Turned out I won an Eggos contest for a  box of Honey Butter Chik'n & Waffles. Don't ask me what it is.  This prize goes to my daughter's step-son. 

        I won two more books and a dog toy.  The dog toy goes to my Son's big lab.  

*    I know. I know.  I should have bought a lotto ticket this week but more money problems.  I opened an email that appeared to be from CVS Pharmacy where I have a frequent buyer card.  It asked a couple of questions and you get a small prize for answering if you pay the postage.  Turns out it was a scam and they tried to run a $40 moisturizer on my card.  The bank caught it, texted me did I authorize, I said no, and they said ok we are canceling your debit card and get a new one.  Oh lordy.  Not only am I brokeish but I can't even pull out the few dollars I have.  So I went looking for my checkbook, just in case, and couldn't find it.  I know where I thought I put it, but it has been so long since I wrote a check, I just don't know. 

*    I did find an apartment locator that I really like and she helped me find some apartments in my price range.  I looked through all the online photos and found one out near my sister and one of my friends that is more than here but doable at the moment.  I figured if Margaret could buy a house online then I could rent an apartment that way too. Hahaha 

*    I don't want to sound greedy or unthankful but if I could just win that new car, I would be so so so thankful. 

Well, that's it for now .....


  1. "Well, that's it for now" .... well that's quite a lot. What do the new owners plan to do with the apartment building and how many others (units) are being displaced? The 18 month timeline is helpful, but $2500 seems low.

    1. Shirley, this is a small complex, about 40 units.  I know of one man below me who has lived here 22 years and a couple in another section for 28 years.  The complex was built in the mid-50s and was a regular apartment complex at one time. Because they were owned by a company that seems to specialize in senior apartments, they have kept the rent and requirements low but the management and upkeep have been great.  Lots of government money I suspect.  They own other complexes but none are in this old, tree-lined, historic area with gorgeous homes.  That is what I will miss most.  Living on the second floor is like living in a treehouse.  I find it very restful. From what I read most housing in Texas is less expensive than other parts of the country but we have had so many major companies move into the area that housing is now at a premium, including apartments.  You are right.  $2500 is not a lot but I am thankful.  Barbara 

  2. Wow, what a week you've had! Good that you've received such a long notice period for finding a new place to live!

  3. It’s great your bank caught the fraud but replacing cards is misery. You big win is on the way I pray!

  4. You do keep winning don't you? Sorry you are having to move but at least you have time and hopefully moving expenses. That scam is why I pay attention to no emails like that. At least glad you could stop the payment.
    Good luck on the new car.

  5. You have certainly been on a big adventure lately, Barbara. My goodness! You seem to be rolling with it, though. Congrats on your winnings. That's a nice consolation after all the other stuff you're dealing with.

  6. What a whirlwind week. Hope you find a great new place! Fingers crossed on a new car win!

  7. Wow, that was quite a week indeed.

  8. Yes, you can! I'm sure you will find a great one as well. What a week you've had. I mentioned on my blog that I never write checks and don't order them anymore and everyone was up in arms. Funny. I hope this week money falls from the sky for you. And then you can blow some my way.

  9. I hate that you are gonna have to move. BUMMER! I love all your wins, but the losses hurt my heart for you.
    Praying the new car comes soon as well as other wins. XO