Friday, October 22, 2021

Doctor's Visit and Dexcom Download

 I had to drive across town to my doctor's office to pick up my the insulin that had come in from the drug manufacturer.  I was just there on Tuesday for my regular visit but I won't complain when the price is free. Thank you and I'm glad to make the drive.  

Tuesday's doctor visit was the first visit since I got my Dexcom. The purpose of the Dexcom is to share the data the it collects with the doctor's office so she can keep a closer look on my numbers and when and why they change.  We had a little trouble getting the data to down load while I was there so I spent the next morning on the phone with a Dexcom tech setting up my laptop to dispense the data.  

I don't know if the phone app or the laptop started downloading but they got my info and she gave me a bunch of suggestions.  (Insert: Head spinning) She has started the process for ordering my insulin pump and said they were supposed to call me.  Oops, I'm not in the habit of answering my phone unless the ring tune is set to a song assigned to one of my (few) callers.  If it rings my general ring tone I just let it go to voice mail.  

Have you or your dear one been receiving 20 calls a day about Medicare registration.  Dang.  Give me a break.  

Speaking of which I have decided to downgrade my drug policy with the same company SilverScript/Aetna.  Since I am getting my insulin which was the big expense, from the manufacturer, I will not be spending that $100+ a month.  So I have changed from $70 a month with no deductible to $7 a month with a nearly $500 deductible.  

My plan is that if the drug company was to drop me or the program, I would be back to old school purchases of $100+ a month.  I'd rather take a beating than try to understand the drug policies.  I'm not sure when this happened.  I used to be the go-to person in my family if you have some tech issue or need research issue.  Don't know when I lost it.  Kinda sad.  

On my drive from the doctor's office, I stopped by the new apartments they are building that my old Manger will run.  They are in a good location so we will see what happens when the time comes up.  On my Tuesday visit to the doctor, I went by my old apartments and had coffee with my friend that lived next door.  

I've realized since I've moved that I miss those old folks.  Lady dog walkers like me.  Couple of old guys I would stop and chat with.  I don't think I ever made friends with neighbors like I did with these.  I'm not much of a friendly person or social butterfly but I'm glad to know I can still make friends.  

I have a new library that's very nice, can't wait to take the Grand Girls.  I forgot to ask if they have a meeting room and if it is open for use again.  My old library had closed their meeting room.  I hope to try again with the Online Contest Club to share my knowledge and love of computer sweepstakes. 

Buddy dragging his blanket around with the dental stick on it.

More later ...


  1. Getting your insulin fir free is a wonderful thing. And hope the pump keeps you regulated. I, too, have lost a lot of my mental capacity to comprehend things. Age is not kind.

  2. Glad you identified that as a dental stick, LOL!

  3. Insulin free is such a blessing and hope that pump does as advertised.
    Laughing at Debra's comment.

  4. Buddy doesn't chew his dental stick right up? Levi's didn't last five minutes. Love how dogs like to drag their blankets and beds around.