Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Old Dog - New Tricks

Buddy has taught himself a new trick.  I heard him whinning this morning and I couldn't see him from my post in my chair. Finally got up and he was sitting by the front door and wanted out.  Yes mam, I got my walking shoes on and off we went.  At the old apartment, he would wait by the kitchen door until I had some coffee and whine till he got his breakfast Beggin' Strip.  What is confusing is when he sits at my feet and whines. Breakfast or walk?  I ask him and he just licks his lips in reply.  I think that means either.  

Happenings:  I got an email from Mary Jane Kolassas explaining the "Pros and Cons of Retiring in a Nudist Community."  I haven't read it yet.  The laughter tears makes the print too blurry.  

Other Events:  I put a sheet on my new/old chair because Buddy seemed to like sitting in it.  

As you can see, Buddy didn't get the hang of what I was trying to accomplish.  

More later ...


  1. Buddy is a funny guy! Maybe he's playing hide-n-seek?

  2. I've been off the net for awhile so am just catching up. Glad you are moved and settling in. Buddy's photo made me laugh! :)

  3. lol! Buddy is so precious! He thought you were building him a fort!