Monday, July 25, 2022

The Times, Chat Rooms and Suntans

 I'm having so much fun with my New York Times on-line subscription.  Since I worked in law firms most of my life, I always had free access to local newspapers and the Times.  I rode the Park N Ride bus to work downtown (A Park N Ride was a way to lower traffic on the freeways.  You drove your car to a large, designated parking lot and rode a nice Greyhound-type bus that drove straight to town and then stopped at every other street).  

Each day I would bring my tote bag with mail and magazines to read on the ride to town and I would pick up the left-over newspapers to read on the way home.  Somewhere over the years, I guess when I stopped riding the bus, I slowly forgot about newspapers.  Most recently I have been reading the internet news.  I knew that it learned your preferences and sent you the news slanted to your way of thinking. I know news reporting has been deregulated and truth is not required. But I realize now little expanded thought was required of me by just reading a blunt, grammatically incorrect headline.  

So far, I haven't been able to tell if the Times is slanted.  I seem to agree with many of its opinions but enjoy the thought provoking articles.  Don't you love it when you give an idea a "good think"?  I guess the only problem is that in my small world there are not enough opened minded people who like a good discussion on that think.  

As part of the redesigning my life process, I am trying new things.  I joined when they ran a somewhat cheaper 3 month subscription.  Fail.  Not many men out there dying to meet me.  Ok, I can accept that without hurt feelings.  Next, I have joined an online sight offered by UnitedHealthcare.  It doesn't have as many members as the AAA site that keeps mailing me but I did find one or two programs that interests me.  

There is a TV and Movie group.  A man was discussing rewatching the Barney Miller tv series.  I remember liking this program and it was interesting to hear about this and other entertainment that are discussed.  I am a British program aficionado so I'll be looking for people who like them.   I really don't have the "feel" for this chatting with strangers yet but I'm going to give it a try.  

I also talked to a lady involved with a group that writes letters to shut-ins.  I have the first Zoom meeting this week.  Not a big fan of Zoom but I can remember when I was not a big fan of leaving voice mails and look where that has taken us.  

There was another lady that volunteered to rock babies in the NICU.  I would like to do something like that - if the large parking fee was paid! 

I'm trying to expand my horizons.  Even sweeps' contests have let me down recently.  Very few that I really want and not many with big prizes.  

This is a picture of the Buddy walking shoe line suntan I've gotten so far this summer. I always wear the same sturdy Sloggers with a hat and sunglasses for Buddy walks.  Buddy always wears the same halter and leash.  We are such a fashion forward pair. 

Buddy seems to have found his appetite again.  I may be sorry about feeding him popcorn chicken.  I may find myself is a situation similar to feeding a child nothing but fries and then switching back to vegetables.  Hahaha.  

More later ...


  1. So many of the men on those match up sites -- I am a man in my early 70's, active and in good shape, looking for attractive female age 20 to 35. So I wish them good luck! (unless, of course, they add how wealthy they happen to be and are without heirs.

  2. I used to go on message boards that also had chat rooms, in fact I worked behind the scenes on one for 3-4 years and I could monitor all the conversations going on. They can be lots of fun but be very careful. People can pretend to be whoever they want to be and before you know it they're asking for money. I'm still internet friends with a couple of women I met that way, but I've always been careful about not revealing my real last name and city in chat rooms.

  3. It keeps us young to try new things, even if they don't ultimately work out. There's always new things to try then instead!

  4. Going to try to comment one last time -
    Your tan lines are familiar. I had those when I had my dog Izzy. :-)
    I love the NY Times. It is how newspaper should be!! I read it daily as well.
    Hopefully you'll see this one.

  5. I miss real journalism where people got a degree in it and had proof readers! Showing my age much? :)

    Love the tan line. Badge of honor that you and Buddy get out every day and walk. I'm somewhat vein about my feet...possibly because they are my only body part that wears the same size I wore in high school. ;)