Thursday, August 11, 2022

Quick Update

I am in the pre-packing phase.  In other words, I am searching for things I can donate or trash.  As of today, I have no idea where I am moving.  My daughter has moved to Kingwood which is one of those planned communities on the outskirts of Houston.  As the name implies, the roads and subdivisions are actually cut into a forest area.  

The apartment I had looked at with the ducks and deer is about 15 minutes from her house and she is another 15 or 20 minutes from the son's house.  There is an apartment complex in her area that I am going to look at.  The problem is knowing what rate to pay now that won't have me moving again next year for being priced out.  Rent is so high here because of the big companies that have moved here.  

Btw, I dog sat for the son while he was on vacation and made the 2+ hour round trip to his house for several days.  One day I missed a turn and went a completely different direction home.  On that route, I passed by the Amazon Warehouse they built here.  I may have been on the wrong side of the road but there were very few cars or Amazon trucks there.  If the trucks were out on delivery, wouldn't there be driver's personal cars there?  Interesting.  

My Kroger has started making the Tillamook Pimento Cheese I like again, and I am so excited.  

I had my doctor visit last week.  I scored a 7.1 on my A1C.  This is excellent for me.  Go Insulin Pump. 

The little girls visited me only once this summer.  It is so sad that they are growing up and making a life with friends and combined families.  I mean it is good for them, lonesome for Nana.  

So, my moving plans are spread out like a tree branch.  There is still the affordable apartment in the works.  There is the ducks and deer senior apartment in the woods I put a down payment on.  There is the new apartments in the Forest near my daughter that I have to go see when it is not raining.  Maybe tomorrow.  And, of course, there is the bedroom at my daughters if what I want is not available. 

I'm glad my numbers are good because this little bit of decluttering and carrying to my trunk or the garbage bin is wearing me out.  Hahaha.  

I've been binging the tv series Alone.  The last year (8) is on Prime or Netflix but the older seasons are on the Discovery+ channel.  I'm really digging it.  Like Survivor for Grownups but your alone instead of a team.  

More later ...


  1. That sounds like you have some excellent options available, I hope you choose the best one, I am sure you will. Ducks and deer sound appealing and could be entertaining.

  2. What a headache is the not knowing. But here's hoping you find the right place to live, at the right price.

  3. Alone I could handle...well maybe not...I've seen a few of the shows. I definitely could not do survivor, because they wouldn't have to vote me off, I would volunteer to leave to get away from the other people. :)

    Moving is just plain horrible. Moving in the Texas summer (even just the donate and trash part) is just plain hell. Here's sending good thoughts that all will work out as it should and as easily as possible.

  4. I hope the place you settle on is a place you love and can stay for as long as you like.

    I enjoy that series Alone. It is one of the few things I watch this summer.

  5. That's a great A1C -- congrats! I hope your apartment search works out and you end up with a fab place.

  6. Good luck with the finding a new place to move to.

    We have a huge Amazon here too. Their trucks may have been on the road or inside getting loaded and routed. I don't know that I've ever seen a trucks sitting out in the open, but we're in snow country so it might not be the same all over.

  7. Yay for good numbers!! That alone is something to celebrate; can you imagine going through all you are if your health was not good?
    Sorry about the move again--that is such a bummer! Praying you softly land where you are comfortable and happy.

    Coach and I loved Alone. I could never do it. NONE of it.

  8. Great news on the A1C!

    You have sure had to move a lot, you must have it down like a pro! I am not as fond of it as I was when I was younger I just found.😄