Monday, July 11, 2022

Hot Hot Hot

It is some kind of hot out there.  I can imagine walking beside a Conestoga wagon with the hot air blowing off the Plains.  Ok, yes I was in the high school musical of Oklahoma and can still sing that song. And, yes, I'm a child of the 1950's Western TV programs.  I could never endure the hardships of settling the West, so I don't know why it fascinates me but then I watch Survivor for the same reason.  Only with Survivor I'm smart enough to learn how to make fire from nothing before I ever volunteer for the show.  

Also, more or less along these lines, I am watching a new program called Dark Winds and it is on AMC+.  This not a Cowboy and Indian kind of show but more current in its problems and outlook.  I think the series is set in the 70s. It is taken from a series of books written by Tony Hillerman.  The of majority of Hillerman's novels are set in the Four Corners region of the Southwest, near Shiprock, New Mexico and the Navajo Nation in Arizona and extending into southeastern Uth.  

I have read all of Hillerman's books and now is daughter, Anne Hillerman, has taken up the series. The scenery is stark but beautiful and it really makes you think about how we forced the Indians into a small, stark area.  Ok, maybe not everyone is bothered by this but even as a card-carrying member of BLM, I wonder why the Indians are not likewise united in our mistreatment.  But I digress. 

I had a memory recently that falls in with the redesigning my life plan.  When my children were young and I was a working Mom with all the responsibilities of a single parent, I used to do a mass cooking on the weekend and freeze it for the week ahead.  Back then I mostly cooked those meals that children would eat without complaining but I think I can think up a few more adult friendly meals and choose a day to cook up a storm.  It is on the to-do list.  I love making lists but let's see if I follow through.  

I have finished the Benedictine book and started on The God Part of the Brain.  It got mixed reviews, but I find it interesting, though hard to read.  Debra was right.  There are many interesting religious books out there.  

I find the decline in my short-term memory to be a real problem.   I can't remember what I read an hour later, much less the next day.  I have started doing some reading on this also but, truthfully, can't remember what I read. 

Marie asked about my Buddy Boy who is holding his own.  He has lost a good deal of weight although he is now at a good weight now and should stay there.  He is having problems eating.  He has lost the majority of his teeth.  Consequently, he can no longer chew much of the dry food.  I tried putting the dried food in a blender with either milk, water or wet food.  He will eat it once or twice but then leaves it sit. I have tried different wet food from canned to packaged and, again, he'll only eat them once or twice. Right now, we are on Bella which I think is a Purina product.  I like it because it is in small trays, but it is not nearly as cost effective as dry food.  The only constant seems to be the crust off my sandwiches. Good thing I love sandwiches, but a diet of bread can't possibly be healthy for a dog.  I tried mashing it in with the wet food and he ate it, but he prefers crust to the middle white part of the bread.  

Here he is in June with the youngest Grand Girl. When I went to visit them last weekend, they invited me to bring Buddy along.  He got on well with the two labs, one chihuahua and a parrot.  Although he was jealous if one of their dogs tried to get in on HIS cuddle time with the Girls. 

More later ... 


  1. Interesting post. We did the Oklahoma play in high school too and unlike you I barely remember it. Long term AND short term memory issues. LoL I don't remember what I read either but think that information is still there on our subconscious minds to help with instincts.

  2. It's 1:45 pm and it's 111* which means it will still go up higher til about 5 pm. I'm doing nothing except sitting in the air conditioning. I've been watching Dark Winds and I'm really liking it. Our Rocky had no teeth and was old but he loved ground up chicken and rice. And some cooked carrots. I can't remember anything either. Short term memory is just about nonexistent. But we have to hang in there.

  3. Thanks for writing about Buddy. I love that pup and how he is such a great companion through hurricanes, pandemic and everything in between. I hope he hangs on for a few years more.

  4. Oh, that Buddy! Always such a card! I hope you find a soft dog food that he will eat consistently.

  5. I have not read Tony Hillerman. So thanks for the tip. He's going on my list.

  6. I don't know one song from Oklahoma, but I do enjoy a musical. And a western.
    Poor Buddy. I hope he starts to feel better and in turn will have more of an appetite.