Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Happy Halloween

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween.  I had no trick or treaters so I have a bowl full of Tootsie Rolls (thank you Margaret) that jumped out at me in the grocery store.  And they were the good ones - the size of a thumb not a pencil. You forget how really good they are until you taste one again.  Here. Have one.  Try it.  

Speaking of old favorites:  When I was a youngish lass with long hair and girlish charm, I always used Herbal Essence in a tall green bottle.  I loved the smell and as my hair flipped around my face I would get sniffs of the delicious scent. So, after diligently searching for the old product online, I emailed Herbal Essence and asked them if it was around anywhere.  No, they wrote me back but you might like this and that, and here are some coupons.  I appreciated their reply and the coupons but still wish for that shampoo.  Do you remember it?  

This weekend my Son switched our phone plan to combine your, mine, and ours telephone bills he was paying.  We are now on ATT after being on a great PCS package.  I won't go into what took 4 hours and 2 different ATT stores to get my service, except to say they required me to buy a new phone because my old Samsung was 3G and we were on a 5G plan now.  Of course, I did not want to wait to order a new phone off the internet where I could get a better price because I want my service hooked up right away.  So I bought the new phone, and I'm still in the phase where you have to reopen each app with the password you can't remember.  

But that's not the story.  While I was sitting at the first ATT store and they were doing what they do, I looked over at the big TV playing and there was a youngish girl standing in front of a display in a drug store with those large green bottles of Herbal Essence.  This is close as I could find to the bottle I'm talking about.  

I found this picture on Ebay.  The bottle sells for $40
and if you can enlarge the writing is from Greece.

I yelped when I saw the bottles and everyone looked at me so I had to explain about the shampoo to the ATT girl who was just a glimmer in her grandmother's eye when the movie was made (original Halloween, I think) and ATT girl didn't know nor did she care about Herbal Essence's original scent. 

So that's my share ... and this 

More later ...


  1. BUDDY cares about Herbal Essence too! And I too am a fan of Tootsie Rolls, which I only get once in a blue moon these days. If I lived closer, I'd come over to your place and pig out.

  2. I used Herbal Essence years ago. But I never had long hair to flip around. Always wished I did. I'm more of a Reeces peanut butter cup. That Buddy is such a doll.

  3. Glad you're enjoying those tootsie rolls. :-)
    I loved Herbel Essense. I too remember the smell when hair blew in my face. Oh now I want some Herbal Essense. Drats

  4. They say they brought back the strawberry scent. But that is not the one I loved. But I did like that one.

    1. You should never have told me about that website. You know me and old tv, songs, etc. I'll be back in the saddle again.

  5. I remember Herbal Essence:) Buddy is as cute as ever! I have tootsie rolls in my cupboard but I'm hooked on the tootsie pops right now.

  6. Funny how scents stay with you or rather the memory of certain scents. I once tracked down an old perfume like you did and ended up finding some on e-Bay for a god-awful price that I didn't pay.

  7. Ha ha. Jean Nate does it for me . . . the perfume worn by my high-school girlfriend.

  8. Phone plans drive me crazy. Talk to a hundred people and no two plans are the same!

    I love that photo of Buddy! Such a cutie! Is he waiting for a treat?

  9. We get only a few trick or treaters, just enough to make it fun.

  10. Buddy is so cute!
    Sadly, you will now have to eat those tootsie rolls!

    I think I remember that shampoo...but the one that really stands out for me was Beer Shampoo. Do you remember that one? I think it was in the 70's.

  11. Hi Barb, I'm back. Come and visit sometime ♥