Saturday, March 16, 2024

Me and My Ozempic

 First, I am still having problems with my blog reader.  I tried working on it again but it wasn't an easy fix.  I'll research it further.  

I started taking Ozempic last week.  Yesterday, I took my second (once-a-week) shot. Here's my opinion so far. 

First, remember I am Type 1 and not Type 2 diabetic.  Type 1 no longer produces any insulin.  Type 2 still produces some insulin, and this drug is supposed to help increase that production, which is why it is recommended for Type 2. As a Type 1 whose insulin production can't be increased, it was recommended for me because of my weight.   

Side effects.  OMG, yes, I have the nausea side effect.  About the second day, I started feeling like I was pregnant.  How could I remember what pregnancy nausea felt like 50 years ago?  Because I had that gut-wrenching yellow bile nausea that came up every day.  I was sick most of the time with both of my pregnancies.  Hope this doesn't foretell how long the nausea will last.  

I read that just like pregnancy, crackers or soup in the morning, can help with Ozempic nausea. Crackers have never helped my nausea, but the ramen noodles have. I have also noticed my skin has gotten even drier (diabetes pulls the water into the blood stream to help it move along.) I hate putting on hand lotion but I'm doing it as well as drinking more water.  Ugh. 

What it feels like.  I feel long and lean like a ballerina. I don't know what that means because I certainly don't look it and can't tell any difference in my clothes. I'll have to research that and see if anyone else feels it.  I don't have any scales, so it will not be until my three-month doctor's appointment before I know the weight loss.   

Hunger.  For me, this is the most amazing part.  I am very rarely hungry now.  I feel full and satisfied most of the time.  I think this is why some people gain 3X the weight back.  Without this drug, people probably return to their previous eating habits. 

Otherwise: my daughter's lease on her apartment near me is up next month, and she and her girlfriend have rented a house with room for me.  My lease is not up until September, so considering my options.  

Buddy still will not go for long walks since the dog attack. Since I need to step up my exercise to offset any (more) saggy skin, I'm trying to figure out a new plan.  There is a park near the new house. I'll have to do a trial run and see if he will walk there with me.  

The Grand Girls did not come over for Spring Break (sob). Apparently, the neighborhood they moved into is full of kids, and my Son is enjoying them being outside. I knew it was coming, and I'm glad for them. I'm just sad my time with them is limited. 

I have not won any more contests and am only entering a few because I still feeling a little bit of burnout. 

More later ...



  1. My diabetes specialist put me on Ozempic 4 years ago (I'm Type 2). When I first started it, I felt nauseous on the second day too but it was manageable (and eventually goes away once you get used to the drug). I only ever actually threw up once and that was because I overate at one meal. Like Pavlov's dog, vomiting teaches you not to overeat. I lost 30 lbs on Ozempic and it has helped my blood sugar and A1C stats. But once you're on it, you're on it for life or any weight will be gained back (if not more). Good luck with it -- I hope it gives you good results too!

    1. Oh, I had another related issue as well. Because I was eating so much less, I wasn't eating enough red meat and other sources of iron, so I became extremely anemic. I had to go on iron pills to rectify that and continue to still be on them in order to maintain my iron levels and reserve.

  2. It is good to hear from you. Good luck on 0zempic. I hope it works for you.

    Poor Buddy. I hope he feels more secure in the new place.

    How wonderful you will be able to live with your daughter and her girlfriend! It is sad that you don’t see the grand girls as much though. Ours are getting older too and we see them less as well. Sad!

  3. I'm not diabetic so my insurance will not cover any of the drugs for weight loss. Sure hope you have good luck with it. I feel so bad for Buddy. Keep giving him love and reassurance and hopefully he'll get some confidence back.

  4. I'm not a fan of hand lotion either, and my skin has been pretty dry, so I'm trying to drink more water also. I like plain water, but sometimes I want to change things up. I've tried several flavors of Stur (brand) water enhancer, which is pretty natural and sweetened with stevia. The blueberry/blackberry is my favorite, but also like the coconut flavor. Comes in little squeeze bottles, and I usually put about a squeeze and a half in my 40 oz insulated cup. Just mentioning in case it might help with water consumption.

  5. Nice to see you blogging again. Loved hearing a first hand experince with Ozempic.