Sunday, January 5, 2020

New Year. New Me by FaceApp.

This is me but it is absolutely not what I look like.  My DIL turned me on to a phone app called "FaceApp".  If you'll remember she hosted Thanksgiving this year and bless her heart didn't put on makeup when she prefers to look all dolled up.  She didn't want me to post photos of her to Facebook without her makeup so she told me about this app and improved her naked face pictures before they were posted.  It costs about $20 a year although there is a free version with fewer options.

I picked this picture of me because it is a full-face photo.  It was neither a good picture nor a bad picture to start off with.  Just a picture of somebody's nearly 70-year-old grandmother.

For one thing, I had it draw a smile on me.  My lips have disappeared in my old age.  I think they fell down under my chin and helped form my double chin.

I also had it put eye makeup on my eyes which is something I only do on special occasions - like if I know there will be picture taking - and color on my poor eyebrows which now have equal numbers of white and brown hairs.

I'm not sure what it did to my face color but does tend to look healthier.  It was fun playing with all the options.  Hahaha.  So funny.

More later.  Off to Christmas with the Grand Girls who have finally come back to town. 


  1. Is there NOTHING that cameras can't do now?

  2. Great photo! Those kinds of apps are kind of scary to me but then anything developed by the Russians makes me think they are meant for other purposes than to just make us look better.

  3. It is a beautiful photo, Barbara. Enjoy your day with your young sweeties!

  4. I have fun playing with photo retouching too. Neck wrinkles BE GONE! :)

  5. Looking good. I would be scared to try it for I might not want to go back to being me.

  6. What a fun app! I laughed at your comments about aging....someone told me years ago that as mothers age, we had over our beauty to our daughters.

  7. Wow what a great app. Now if they could make one to take off the lbs gained from the holidays lol!
    Happy New Year.

  8. Speaking as a 67-year-old granny I can safely say you look pretty good in the photo!

  9. You look beautiful and nowhere near 70. I'm not sure that will even help me. :-)
    Happy New Year Barb