Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Not a lot to share.  I'm at the stage where I have to leave things sit for a little while to see if it is going to stay where I put them.  I was trying to hang a picture and fell off the couch, bounced off the coffee table and hit my head with a good smack on the floor.  I lay there, made sure I was ok but gave up hanging pictures.  I need a couple of nails on the patio for hanging baskets and one picture that I will probably hang by the time someone comes over to help.  Yes, I've learned my lesson. 

Buddy is really enjoying the floors.  He is dragging his blankets all over the place and burying his bones here, there and everywhere.  

My apartment is an older complex, not as old as my last, but it is pretty beat up in places.  However, living by the Leasing Office, everything is kept up to impress prospects.  My plants love it here and are growing like crazy.  

I've found my way around to several really nice shopping centers.  This old area I live in is surrounded my nice beautiful  home so after I get off my street I really enjoy going places.  I went to my third and nicest Kroger today.  I also found the branch of my Bank is the same center.  Going home though, I missed my turn but I knew another way to get home.  

The Grand Girls may come over this weekend.  I feel bad for my son because it is probably an hour drive one-way if he doesn't use the toll road.  

I went to my endocrinologist yesterday and she was happy with me except we couldn't get the Dexcom G6 to download all of my information, just a month's worth.  She is going to start working on the insulin pump order now.  

I'm feeling peaceful about this move.  However, my former next door neighbor told me that our old apartment manager is going to work for a new complex being built that is regular and senior apartments.  I don't know anything about them except they will be in the old neighborhood, more or less.  

I figured I'd get on the list and decide when the time comes if I want to go.  

More later ... 


  1. That's interesting ... about the new senior complex. Good plan to get on the list, decide later.

  2. Sounds like Buddy approves of the new place!

  3. That Buddy adjusted so well is a good sign. An unhappy dog could be a burden. Interesting about the new complex. Wouldn't hurt to get on the list.

  4. A place that makes plants happy is always a good home for everyone, I think. Your dog is funny with his blankets and bones. It’s good to hear that you are finding your neighborhood favorite places and getting comfortable. I am like you — always have to give things time before they find a permanent place in a new home.

  5. Awww, Buddy drags around his blankie? Adorable! Glad he's adjusting well to the new place. Maybe he feels grounded there. I prefer being closer to the earth in my craft room which is downstairs. I believe it's actually healthier to be closer to the ground, so maybe Buddy feels that, too. Glad you survived that fall okay! Yikes!