Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Dumb things I do

 My grandson informed me that I talk out loud while I am typing.  Since he said that I have caught myself a few times.  When did this start?  Why did it start?  

On the other hand, I was very interested to read what Jean had to say about reading aloud. I'm going to start doing this.  I talk so little I'm sure I sound faint and weak.  Or, I could just start annoying the hell out of people standing in line near me.  Hahaha.  Nope, won't do that.  They may breathe cooties on me. 

Maybe, reading out loud while blogging will add to my 20 minutes needed. 

Buddy totally approves of the weather lately.  Several afternoon siestas have been scheduled in the warm sun. 

I had a terrible week last week with medical issues.  I had to get another c-peptide blood test.  Essentially, it proves that you have Type 1 diabetes as opposed to Type 2.  Medicare requires this for the insulin pump.  Like someone would lie and want to have an insulin pump when they didn't need it.  Ha.

Turns out I had to retake the test because my blood sugar was too high when I took it last time.  Hello?  So, I retook the test while fasting, again.  They had to stick me three times to get the blood.  I have rotten veins and especially after I have been denied my morning coffee.  My arms are useless so they have to take it from the top of my hand.  

I got my results back and I was three points over what the high mark again.  She hasn't called me to tell me if I have to retake the test again.  I am seriously thinking about giving up on the pump.  

The doctor changed my insulin dosage from a certain amount with each meal to counting carbs and basing my insulin intake on that. Brother, give a girl a break.

That's all for now ...


  1. I hope you get to keep your insulin pump!

  2. The pump sure would make life a lot easier. Hope you get it.

  3. Medical issues get old quick. Hope your pump works out for you. You could read to Buddy. He'd love that.

  4. Gosh I am sorry. That seems so ridiculous to have to jump through these hoops. As you said, who else wants one? Our medical system is !@!#$ up.
    I love Buddy sunning himself, I miss that.

  5. It takes time to get the insulin pump obviously. It works well for someone I know. Take care!

  6. I talk to myself because I am a good listener and I understand my own logic (which is too often questioned by others).

  7. We keep on keeping on ... hope your blood sugar levels even out soon.

  8. What a headache for you! But Buddy looks like he likes his new digs. Hope you get this insulin pump issue worked out soon.

  9. I think I also talk out loud while typing. You are in good company. 😳
    I also find myself talking out lout to myself while in the store. When did that start? I have no idea....
    So sorry for your medical issues. Wishing you all the best. Buddy does look happy!

  10. I've been reading the blog out loud too, to get in my 20 minutes a day. Easy-peasy.

    Did anyone tell you that blood draws are a lot easier if you drink lots of water the day before your go? your veins pop out more for them to find and get the needles in.

  11. Oh, I feel for you with the testing. I'm also one who has to have blood for testing taken from my hands; once they got 25 vials for a mega batch of tests all from my hands.