Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Updates on this and that

Dexcom G6 update. Last week my sensor, the part that goes in my body, came loose during the night.  The adhesive on one side didn't hold and it was just hanging there when I woke up.  Luckily, I had one more sensor so I just put it on and called Dexcom and the distributor Dexcom assigned me to.  

It was kind of funny because I wasn't quite with it, as is the case many mornings.  When I called I had to explain what happened and was transferred several times.  Long story short, I got free replacements from Dexcom with a package of overlays, which are adhesive circles you put over your sensor to give it extra staying power.  It was really my fault.  I forget I have it and then when I pull my pants down (TMI) my long nails often hit it.  Live and learn.  

I talked to my sister Sunday night.  She was telling me about moving her youngest son into an apartment for college. Her youngest son and my first grandchild were six months apart.  Hahaha.  I started young, she started late. 

Anyway bittersweet story.  Then the next day I get a text from her and her husband's son and wife are expecting the first grandbaby.  Her good vibes rubbed off on me. I was so happy for the next few days.  Then I told my daughter and she felt the same way.  Family can bring so much happiness.  

I haven't done anything about my car yet.  We have been having lots of rain lately, not sure if a blow-through from tropical storms or just rain.  It did remind me that it is time to start Hurricane preparedness.  September is when I like to start stocking up on bottled water, toilet paper, and puppy pads.  Just one extra purchase each time I go to the store should do it.  

If you'll remember, I thought I killed my little washing machine when I overfilled it.  I'm glad to report it is working again.  I had a big washday scheduled with all the sheeting, towels, and blankets which I lugged to the laundry room.  That was all it took to remind me how glad I am to get my little washing machine going again. 

I've been working on some craft projects for my daughter's Halloween mantle. I went to Joann's for the glitter card stock I needed.  So.much.fun.  I wanted to buy so many decorations but I don't really decorate anymore except for changing the pillows on my couch. I really have too many pillows now, not counting the holiday-themed cushion covers.  That's about the extent of my holiday decorating aside from a few knick-knacks to entertain the Grand Girls.  

More later. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Just call me the Internet Mechanic


I watched this really great YouTube video on my car fan problem. No, I don't know how to fix it but if I had $50,000 worth of tools that he had, I think I could have followed the video and tried.  

At least I understand what the problem is now and it is no longer as intimidating.  I feel much better.  There is still the problem of how much this bad boy will cost me but that is another demon to face. 

I researched auto electrical shops and found one I want to try. I'll drive over there and talk to them soon. 

In other news, the Grand Girls started school last Wednesday.  Third and Sixth grade. I called my Son to have them come over for one last fling but I missed the cutoff date.  I told him to sign me up for the first school holiday.  

I ordered a new book on watercolor. While I may do a lot of crafts, drawing, painting and watercolor don't come easy for me.  I watch the Little Artist Grand Girl draw and it is amazing to me who has to copy someone else and that might not even be good.  Talent is talent. It is a gift that I didn't get but it is ok, I'm a heck of a dog walker. Hahaha.

More later ...

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Some Car Curiosities to Share

My car air conditioner has been blowing warmish air for a while.  I remember when I had a different car with AC problems, the repair shops kept trying to get me to run diagnostics and other costly tests so I was hesitant about trying to get freon without all the upselling.  

This month I also had to renew my car tags.  First, you have to get an inspection.  Not a big deal except I have a short in the backlight on the driver's side.  The light will stay on constantly and run my battery down, so I have unplugged it.  However, there is a small light under it that does flash so I'm not completely without a turn signal.  

I'm not sure why I went to the inspection knowing this, but I lucked out and the guy only looked at the front lights.  (Good Luck #1)

I ask the inspection man if they do freon and he said no but go over here to Joe Blow.  I was out a couple of days later and decided to run by Joe Blow and see what the cost would be.  And, I was totally ready to turn down any extra offers to check my system.  

Joe Blow looks at it and says you are only a little bit low and that adding freon probably wouldn't make much of a difference - but it did. Hallelujah. (Good Luck #2) Then he did come back and told me the passenger side fan in my radiator wasn't working.  I didn't even know it had to fans.  And how did he even know that? (Grumble, Mumble)

In order to tell me what it would cost to fix the fan, he would have to run a diagnostic.  (So they still got me.)  I thought a little bit and I said to go ahead.  I knew I didn't want to burn up my radiator.  

The test comes back and there is a short is some harness and it's tricky to diagnose.  He said they would be glad to try and fix it but honestly, it was one of those try this and then try that and could really add up. 

So my 2006 Honda Civic with less than 85,000 miles needs a repair that isn't easy to fix.  The car is at the age that you wouldn't normally put a whole lot of money into it but with that mileage, I'm expecting another 100,000 miles out of it.  I was fully expecting it to outlive me.

Have no fear, though.  There are sites on the internet where people post questions and comments about a certain age/make/model of car. I'm sure mine is not the only one to have had this problem.  So stay tuned for my internet diagnosis.  Just pray I don't try to fix it myself. 

More later ....

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Another Life Lesson Learned

Today I went to Great Clips to get a trim because I thought they would soon get busy with school starting this month.  There were only two stylists on duty and one was a man.  I don't have a problem with a man stylist.  I had just never seen a man stylist in this salon even though they cut men and women's hair.  

So the guy, let's call him Sam, comes up to get me.  He has a nice haircut so I think I'll be ok.  As I sit down I see his diploma.  He has a Texas Barber diploma.  Is that different than a beauty school diploma I wonder?  

My hair only needs a small trim so he could pretty much follow its shape.  After I'm wrapped up in my cape, he pulls out the trimmers.  Before I can say Whoa, he is mowing my hair in the back. 

I think ok, the back can be shortish (I usually have whispies with a fuller bowl above).  I let out a sigh of relief when he puts that trimmer down but he reaches for an even smaller trimmer  (is there a difference between human and dog trimmers I now wonder?) 

By this point, there is no saving my hair so I just relax.  The stylist next to us did two hair cuts in the same amount of time it took him to do mine.  I decided to be a good sport and not let him know how totally freaked out I was.  Hahahaha,

I now know what I would look like as a man - Not Attractive.  My hair is so short that I'm thinking it might stand up straight next time I get out of the shower.  Oh well, I always wanted to try one of those spikey haircuts.  

I'm pretty sure I am going to find a real stylist to use when this grows out.  Oh, Lordy. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dexcom Update

I have now changed to my third monitor (they last 10 days).  Whoot. Whoot.  I thought I was so cool.  I took the directions into the bathroom with me but didn't use them because I felt confident I could do it by myself. Hahahaha.  You guessed it.  I did great except for the first all-important step.  You have to disconnect yourself from the receiver you are replacing by simply pushing some buttons on the receiver (which looks like a small ipod). 

I skipped that step so I installed the new monitor, inserted the transmitter, logged on to the receiver, and gave the receiver the new monitor number and it should have been Bob's Your Uncle.  (I love that phrase, it is so totally useless.) 

Nope.  I got all kinds of bells and whistles.  You can't log into a new monitor until you've disconnected.  Lesson learned I think.  It took me some finagling to get everything reading correctly again.  

Oh, Lordy.  Old age, diabetes, and Covid - a triple threat to my lifestyle. 

On the home front, my daughter comes over every other weekend so I get a little company from her.  Buddy is delighted to see my daughter since the grandgirls are not coming so much. He has taken to greeting the neighbors with so much gusto that they usually step back from all the barking.  Barking is his love language.  I've tried telling him that it does not endear him but he doesn't care.  

I haven't been doing any crafts.  I haven't been reading any books (still listening to audiobooks though).  Have been taking shorter walks as poor Buddy's tongue is dragging the ground from the heat and humidity.  He won't drink out of a plastic carry-along bowl but will try to drink dirty water on the street.  Go figure.  It might be because I have a glass bowl at home for his water.  Not sure. 

I did get a new bookcase and put it under the kitchen bar and it is working well for right now.  

Most of my plants are dying from the sun.  I water them but I think the amount of sunlight and heat are killing them.  More money down the drain.  Hahaha.  

I almost ran out of gas the other day.  Since I have been getting my groceries delivered, I haven't stopped at the station near the grocery where I get my points off.  So I stopped at a random station and put $5 in until I could get to my normal station.  I can't remember the last time I put gas in the car and I'm sure it was not as expensive.  I have been trying to make myself get out a little by just mall walking if nothing else and then came the Covid warnings again.  I'm blaming all my weight issues on Covid and no one can prove me wrong,  Hahaha.  

That is the some total of what I have been doing except living through you guys and the trauma of house selling/moving. 

More later ....

Monday, July 26, 2021

Me and My Dexcom g6

Last night I had to change the sensor on my Dexcom 6 for the first time.     

This involves pulling the whole mechanism off my body similar to an extra large bandaid.  

Look how small that wire is. It is a lot smaller than the instrument you use to test your blood on the self-held monitor. 

Then you break the edge of the holder to remove the transmitter (gray part) which tells you your reading

and insert in a new contraption on your belly like this.

Finished product.  (Not my belly - I wish it was)

I was so proud of myself.  The unknown can really be scary but now that I've done it twice and seen that tiny, tiny wire that goes under my skin, I'm ready to brave the insulin pump.  

The alarm is still going off at night but this gadget has taught me to get up and take a shot without totally disrupting my sleep.  This has controlled those extremely high morning readings.  Yipee.  

Other than that, I killed the new little portable washing machine I bought by overfilling the wash barrel with too much water which I  think leaked into the motor and killed it.  They specifically warn you not to do this.  Oops.  I'm trying to decide whether to buy another one after my son takes it apart and confirms the death. 

More later ....


Monday, July 12, 2021

A little rain and a nice book

 We've had lots of nice, light rain around here.  I've always liked rain if I was inside and snuggled on the couch with a good book and cup of hot chocolate (says the diabetic).  

Today we did the Buddy walk while a light drizzle fell on us.  There was a time when Buddy would not go out if rain touched his back. But no longer.  That means when the urge hits, we go, and if I'm lucky, there is an umbrella left on the balcony.  

I read a new book yesterday and today titled The Book Charmer by Karen Hawkins.  I love books with book or library in the title.  I was such an avid reader as a child.  Those words warm my heart.  

I think this book would be called Contemporary Fiction.  I don't usually read this type of book. I usually prefer Historical Fiction, Mystery, or Suspense.  The book includes a librarian, a work-it-to-the -bone businesswoman, a wounded child whose mother died and a loved one with Alzheimer's.  When you add it all together and stir it up, you get a feel-good book.  

More later ....

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Life just keeps going on as I hide in my apartment

The Grand Girls came over this weekend.  I didn't have time to plan a not-too-hot, affordable adventure with them so we just stayed around the house.   

I read a book yesterday titled Revival Season by Monica West. I really enjoyed it but I'll let you look it up to see if it is something you would enjoy.  

As you know, I listen to recorded books every night as I am going to sleep.  I was an avid reader since early childhood but in adulthood, my eyesight got so bad I did not enjoy reading anymore and became an avid listener of recorded books.  

Now that my hearing is so bad (having lost one of my hearing aids) I thought I would try reading again.  I'm glad I picked a book I enjoyed so much as I spent the whole day reading and now have awakened my love of printed books.  

I would like to progress to Kindle as so many downloads, including library, are available but I don't have one so I'll have to watch for a sale.

I feel like Medusa with the head of snakes, sometimes.  Only my snakes are things that interest me but have no common ground except they come from my head.  

I started on my felt Christmas ornaments but my scissors wouldn't cut the felt so I had to buy some good ones. So while waiting for the scissors to arrive I read a book and now my pile of ornament-making stuff sits on the table making a mess while I search for a new book to read. 

Oh, and I did watch Ophelia on Netflix, starring Daisey Ridley of Star Wars fame.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Ok, enough.  More later .... 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Insulin and Other Happenings

I'm so glad to report that I finally got my new insulin, Novolog FlexPen, this week.  I can tell already that my numbers are lower. The FlexPen is a common insulin for diabetics. I just couldn't afford both insulins I needed to take.  Type 1s like me take a slow-release in the morning and a fast-release with each meal.  My sweet little doctor worked with the manufacturer and medicare to get me a good price.  It took six months but Yahoo anyway. The wait was worth it.  

My Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) is also on order.  Again it is the doctor, Dexcom, Medicare, and me all shuffling paperwork around. Since I've got that supplemental insurance, it should be free.  Info from Dexcom.  

A small, wearable sensor and transmitter sends your glucose numbers to a smart device or receiver every 5 minutes. It's easy to wear and easy to use.

I'm worried about what supplemental supplies are needed and, more importantly, their cost.  I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  The insulin pump is still in my future. 

Also in the medical/non-medical happenings is that I have been taking Elderberry Gummies for the last two months.  

The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They could help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms. WebmdSep 21, 2020 

Elderberry may lower blood sugar levels. If you are also taking drugs for diabetes, taking elderberry may increase your risk of developing hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar.Feb 2, 2016 Broadlawns 

Call me crazy but I've been feeling pretty good lately (aside from one bad slump) and I have to wonder how much the Elderberry has affected me.  I've never been a vitamin taker. 

Old school vitamins used to hurt my stomach but the doctor got me started on Melatonin for my sleep problems.  Let me tell you, Gummies are the only way to go.  So at night, I take two Melatonin Gummies and two Elderberry Gummies and I've been waking up feeling great.  As far as the effect of the Melatonin (which I also never believed in before) on my sleep, I seem to be getting sleepy a couple of hours after the Melatonin but even better, I am staying asleep most of the night.  Now if they would only make Allergy Gummies.  Hahaha.

That's enough for now.  More later ....

Monday, June 7, 2021

My Bad

Where have I been?  What have I been doing?  I can't even tell you.  If you know what lollygagging is, then you know what I've been doing.  Wandering aimlessly and thinking of projects I knew I'd never carry out.  But Kim called me out on this and told me to get back to work so here I am again.  

Now I know some of you are light-years ahead of me, but I've started watching Home Town. Now when I say watching, I mean bingeing and there is nothing better to binge than a program that is 5 seasons long.  I think I am in Season 3 and I sure will be sad when it is over.  Even though I like to see rebuilds, most of these reality programs have too much talking, but I am good with this one so far.  Ben and Erin combine the best of country personality with a good education (Ole Miss) and present a really lovable couple. 

My ex-husband was from Alexandria, Louisiana and we met here in Houston and moved back to Alec, as they call it.  That was 1971 and the streets of Alexandria were every bit Steel Magnolias-esque.  It was so pretty but at the time while I appreciated the beauty, I couldn't get comfortable in a small town.  I would guess that with the Air Force base and all the surrounding small towns, it was about 50,000 people at that time.  Over the years as the town grew it was no longer the Southern Beauty it had been, but my longing to live in one of Ben and Erin's houses made me regret not feeling the love for Alec back then. I find that interesting.  

I know you are curious about my Buddy Boy.  Little fat guy is still trying to keep the sidewalks free of people and other dogs, in other words barking a lot.  My doctor asked me to fit in a third walk each day so I got a dog stroller for the evening walk. I kept the front screen down for the first couple of blocks until he got used to it, but like all dogs, he had to stick is head out of the window.  Now I keep it open in the front and he hasn't jumped out ...... yet.


The girls were here this past weekend for the first time in a long time.  We went to the Zoo Saturday and I have a lot to say about that in another post, but first, a picture on the train that runs around the Zoo.  

They are growing so fast.  The youngest will be 8 this month and the Artist will be 12 in December.  The Grandson will be 22 in June.  He was my constant companion for so long but you know, he is off on his journey to manhood and I probably won't get home visits until he hits 35, or needs a babysitter.  His girlfriend of 100 years will graduate from college next year so I expect she is going to be ready to get married someday in the near future. 

Speaking of, their Father, my Son, and his wonderful girlfriend just got engaged.  No wedding details yet.  He is letting her make all the decisions and they are paying for it.  She also grew up in a different small Louisiana town so that also gives them a shared history which I think is nice. 

She has two sons that are around the same age as my two grandgirls. After a weekend with the girls, I don't know how she and my son do it. Hahahaha.  

That's all for now.  I'll catch you up on the rest later.  


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Can't find my Mojo

My life is just so boring - floods and freezes excluded - that I have lost my blogging mojo again.  

One interesting thing:  Have you heard that Matthew McConaughey is considering a run for Texas governor?  I have sworn off voting for anyone that ever had anything to do with Entertainment after the last guy who would be king or should I say, dictator.  Anyway, I have read about things McConaughey has said or done that are affirmative and constructive changes that need to be made for Texas so I would cautiously consider it.  At least he can make a complete sentence.  Ha.  Did you see the article where Trump said Biden used words people couldn't understand.  Speak for yourself hillbilly with the gold-plated toilet. 

I lost all my plants during the freeze because I didn't bring them inside.  I was ready to repot the planters on my balcony anyway so I just dumped them and started over.  Apparently, Mother Nature and the gardening industry were not synchronized and there has been a shortage of good plants available. 

I could only find enough Sweet Potatoe Vine (does not grow sweet potatoes) to plant three planters and I will have to figure out something for the fourth planter.  Note the rocks that I painted during one of my nothing better to do phases.   I also bought a new fern to sit next to my big fern. I use them to block the foot traffic from my view through one of my front windows.  

I think I've mentioned the art displays that are put up and down the blvd.  This one is close to me.  Not really sure what it is.  It is three-sided. Dragonfly? Butterfly?  Who knows.  

I bought this Costway portable washing machine.  It is about thigh-high on my 5'3" frame.  It washes on the left side and spin-dries on the right.  There is a drain hose on the left side you can't see which is why it sits in the tub when being used.  The frame is built with a raised platform on the bottom. It is more work than a regular washing machine but so far I prefer it to dragging my clothes to the laundry room.  I have since put cord-holders on the right side so the cord is held in place. 

My doctor's office has been helping me apply for assistance from the drug companies for my insulin.  The process is nearly finished after hours on hold.  I'll give you a report on that when I get the results from two different drug companies.  

And last but not least, my Buddy Boy enjoying a sunny day with the front door open.  


More later .... 


Monday, February 22, 2021

Just Checking In


Just checking in.  Yep.  It was a mess down here.  Coldest darn weather I've ever lived through.  I was lucky and kept my power on and was able to cook and keep icebox items fresh.  I did run very low on groceries. I ate some very creative meals - which I do not intend to ever repeat.  

My water was off for three days but I had lots of bottled water to drink so no problem there.  However, as many hurricanes as I have lived through, I did not remember to fill my tub with water.  Just absolutely forgot about it until too late.  It was nasty to have no water for the toilet.  After the first break of sunshine, I went out and scooped water out of the street and broke off icicles to fill the toilet. I still have leaves and dirt that are sneaking through from the tank to the toilet bowl. Ha.  That is a sight that will scare you.  

Lots of funny comments to share about our dear Texas elected officials.  I'll be back with you soon.  

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Way to Go MacKenzie Scott

Influenced by Warren Buffet and the Giving Pledge, MacKenzie Scott, ex-wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos, has given away $4.16 Million Dollars to various organizations.  

Here in Texas, she donated millions to Prairie View A&M University which is a mostly black university down the road from Houston, and more millions to Texas A&M International University at Laredo (Texas) which is mostly Hispanic.  Both are well-regarded satellite campus/universities of The Texas A&M University System.   

Closer to home, MacKenzie Scott's also donated to the YMCA of Greater Houston, Easter Seals of Greater Houston, and Meals on Wheels of Greater Montgomery County (which is one of the counties that borders Houston/Harris County).  

I read that most of MacKenzie Scott's money comes from the Amazon stock she received in her divorce/community property settlement.  I have to say that, although I swear each order off Amazon will be my last and that I will not contribute further to Jeff Bezos, the thought that at least a few of my pennies spent there have now gone to deserving causes makes me happy.  

Have you read about any donations in your area?  Here is an NPR article that tells a little more.  

I am hoping that the children of Sam Walton and the owners of the Walmart stock will step up to the plate next.  Alice, Jim, and Rob Walton are the 10th, 11th, and 12th richest on the Forbes List just above MacKenzie at 13.  

Above the Waltons are numbers 1-9: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Larry Ellison, Steve Ballmer, Elon Musk, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.  

I feel like sending all 400 on the Forbes 400 List a challenge reminding them that without all of us little people they would not have their fortunes.  Some like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet has made nice donations but we all, including my social security based income, should do a better job of helping those in need.  

Anybody want to contribute to Barbara's Go Fund Me account?   Hahahaha.  Just kidding.  

Here is my Christmas gift to myself.  Two 8x10 photo stands from Shutterfly.com using the pictures of last year's attendance at the Christmas Carol play at the Alley. 


More later .... 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Extremely Lazy and Extremely Productive

Well Hi There,  I've been both extremely lazy and extremely productive since I last posted.  Hard to figure that one out except to say I've been decluttering and binge-watching TV.  And, if you have noticed a lack of comments from me on your blog, it is because  I had to remove myself from all the negativity surrounding us and just stop exposing myself to news from/about the outside world. Hence, I put that time to good use with decluttering and watching prime channels with no news.  

So back to decluttering. It started with the extra bedroom closet again.  Do you have an area that always gets junked up?  In the big picture of my life, this closet is of little importance except in it's ability to drive me crazy.  

We have a bench in the mailbox area and I discovered that putting things there with a note that they needed a new home can save me a trip to Goodwill and make some senior happy with a new trinket - so that is where many decluttered items have gone.  I even put Christmas decorations and Christmas coffee cups out there.  But I'll talk more about that another time. 

I'm sleeping days again so I have plenty of time to declutter while being locked in the house.  I have also been binge-watching TV.  I'm rewatching The West Wing.  I really enjoyed it when it was originally released but after the last four years, it has new meaning for me.   I have to say it has given me new hope for the next four years.  Just please let us win in Georgia so every little proposal in the Senate won't lead to major conflicts.  

I've got pictures to share but I'll save them for the next post. 

More later.  

Friday, November 27, 2020

Out of Thanksgiving and into Christmas

Howdy Y'all.  It's been a while.  

I've spent an awful lot of time entering contests.  I was quite sure I was in store for something big when the end of October contests closed.  It sometimes takes two weeks or so before you hear the results.  Oh well.  I am actually getting quite burned out on entering.  After Christmas, I will take a break for a while.  

My health is always a roller coaster ride.  I had quite a long spell of not feeling good.  I felt like it lasted about a month this time.  Then one day it just adjusted itself and I am doing pretty good.  My Endocrinologist retired and I have to start over with a new one.  So many questions and words of advice.  Also time for an eye exam and mammogram.  I would like to get it done this year but need to get off my caboose and do it.  

The election had me quite stressed out.  I just didn't think I could live through another four years of him.  I started feeling a little better until I figured out he was going to be holding on to the door frame as they dragged him out.  I've been playing catchup, but I've read most of your posts by now.  I understand many of you guys are feeling the same way.  I would say let's just get to the Inauguration but I fully expect him to continue holding "events" and come up with a slogan about the steal.  I don't think we've heard the last of him.  

I spent Thanksgiving home alone.  I talked to a few neighbors on my first dog walk and then some others on my second outing.  I thought my sister was bringing over some food for me but I guess we got our wires crossed.  It was probably a good thing or I would have been eating pie all day with the rest of the Thanksgiving meal as a side.  My son and daughter each had Thanksgiving at their own home with just their families.  I was invited to all but I just couldn't risk it. 

I thought I would be more let down because I love the whole Thanksgiving food and family get together but I guess all the quarantining has become my norm.  It felt like any other day and I did feel superior for not having overindulged in sweets.  

I ordered some new Christmas stencils and here is one I did yesterday.  


Black Friday tomorrow.  I realized looking at all the sales brochures and emails that I really didn't need anything.  I did buy myself a gorgeous KitchenAid Mixer for $199 but then canceled the order and bought one for $10.  I'm sure the $10 won't be great but as little as I will use it for making cookies with the Grand Girls, it will be fine.  Besides, who am I kidding?  No diabetic needs a fancy mixer that will beg to be used to make cookies and cakes.  Nope, hand-mixer will be fine.  

I did order a Dyson Pet Hair Special vacuum.  It really does make a difference.  I'm not going to tell you I had to empty it twice during the whole apartment extra special clean up.  That would be embarrassing.  

I was always the one who liked electrical items for presents.  It didn't matter if it came from Home Depot or Target, I loved it.  My poor Mom kept trying to give me beautiful china and glasswares until the year she gave me something with a plug apologizing and I don't remember what it was except I loved it.  Strange child I was. I blame it on the 60s.  

More later ...

Thursday, October 29, 2020

A few words and a lot of pictures

I've been busy entering contests.  There are quite a few contests ending on October 31 so I've been trying to make sure I had them all covered.  The prizes from the Maker's Mark contest came in and my son was overjoyed with the loot.  There was an outdoor projector and large screen, two very nice blankets, two excellent lawn chairs and an outdoor light.  Here are three of the four boxes.


Then I picked up my knitting again.  I started on a scarf for the oldest Grand Girl.  I thought my daughter had the second skein but she says no.  I hope I can find it or the scarf may not be long enough with just one skein so we'll see.  I'm using the child-size needles I bought for the oldest Grand Girl.  She was dying to learn how to knit but gave it up. Too slow I think. 


My daughter added me to her Costco account so I had to go and get a membership card.  While I was there I stopped to see what was in the girls' section.  They already had a few fancy dresses out.  I loved this one but I know better than to buy a dress without the girls approval.  I sent the oldest this picture and she liked it so maybe they will still be in stock next time she visits.  

And finally, the first of several Holidays I will probably miss.  This was the Halloween get together last year.  Since the kids were old enough, my son covered the table with pumpkins and turned them loose.  It was so messy but fun.  

Well, that catches you up with what I've been doing.  I'll be catching up with all of you in the next few days.  

More later ..... 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Nothing big to report

No wins to report.  The pickings have been kind of slim but they'll probably pick up around the holidays.  

I had a rather strange thing happen.  I think I've talked about Ziggy my Blue Delta Male Beta.  Well, he died Sunday night after I had gotten an algae eater and algae ball that weekend.  I called the store and told them but honestly, I thought I would cry on the phone.  That little rascal was such a pet.  When I got out of my chair he would race to the front to see if I was gonna feed him.  He would go in his castle at night when he wanted me to turn off the aquarium light.  He would follow your finger when you moved it across the outside glass.  He was just so much fun.  I feel like I did something wrong and feel so guilty.  I'll probably get another beta but I'm still in grief.  Who knew you could grieve for a fish?  

Another reason I haven't gone to the pet store is the rain we've had from TS/Hurricane Beta.  Since I've been staying away from the news I almost missed it coming this way.  The apartments have me so well trained now that I took my plants down without being asked.  I just lowered them to the floor but we didn't have any high winds here, just lots of light, picture-perfect rain.  

My son is on vacation and flew over California.  He sent me a picture of the fire through his airplane window.  It was so sad.  What a terrible year this has been. 

Everyone is healthy around here.  I hope my Son and DIL are still healthy when they get back but I refuse to let myself worry.  

More later ....

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Another Win

But first, a catch-up.  I received the $250 Visa today from Quaker.  How fun is that?  

I received a response from Bob's Red Mill stating that they didn't even have a contest going on Instagram but would send me some samples for my troubles and thanked me for informing them. That was nice of them and I was glad to learn they were not the source of the scam.  

Now, the new win was $2,000 put into a Nest529 College Savings account in the name of my Granddaughter.  You can only use it for college expenses like tuition and books. You cannot pull the money out if the Granddaughter does not go to college.  In fact, you have very little control over it except for submitting receipts for college.  This account is owned by the Nebraska Education Savings Plan Trust.   I'm not familiar with Nebraska law but 529s are run a little bit differently in Texas, if I remember correctly from my working days.  I wish it was $2,000 in my bank account but I am truly grateful that I am able to do this for my granddaughter and son. 

You guessed it.  I have a big smile on my face and in my heart.  

More later ....

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Instagram and my scam experience

I won two Instagram contests over the weekend.  The first was for a yarn giveaway which I was very excited to win. However, an odd thing was that I was required to sign up online with some movie platform for a free week in order to win my free yarn.  I didn't want to belong to this movie platform but I read all the fine print that said I could cancel after my free period and there would be no further charge.  Yea, right. I did it though and monitored my bank account carefully.  There was a $1 pending charge from them but it dropped off.  

Then I was notified I won the contest from Bob's Red Mill.  I've heard of them but I was again sent to a different but exactly the same movie platform.  This time I really rebelled.  I told them I didn't want it and gave them my address and said to send the prize to myself.  They refused and said it was required.  So I tried to log on and the site wouldn't let me.  I can only assume it was because I entered then canceled from the yarn win.  I called the helpline and the woman kept telling me something to do and then would try to get off the phone before I could even try her suggestion.  I never was able to log on. I contacted the contest people again but since it was the holiday weekend I got no response.  I contacted Bob's corporate headquarters and the same, no response because of the holiday.  So I waited and no response from either after three days.  

Yesterday I saw a post from the yarn lady saying someone was hijacking her account and she would never ask for a credit card number.  I'm going to contact her shortly and let her know about my experience. 

I've tried to be patient through this but today I decided to post on Bob's Red Mill Instagram account, his corporate contact page, and the latest giveaway that Bob has posted to warn future entrants.  

Wild, huh?  I did want the Bob's prize but I don't really expect to hear from anyone.  Then, after all that, I got an email from Quaker Chewey contest I won.  I received a large box from them already and they originally told me the "gift card" would come under separate cover.  

When you hear gift card do you think something like Visa or a store card to be spent one place?  I just wasn't sure so I've been patiently waiting and hoping it is a Visa, supposedly in the amount of $250. That is a nice bit of change and I'm going to believe it when I see it.  Anyway, the email I just received said it is on its way by Fed Ex.  I can only hope.  

More later ...

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Another Win and a Missed Birthday Celebration

I received my latest win from @narwhalblueberry on Instagram.  I absolutely love it.  It will be my little piece of beach that I never got to see this summer.  I recommend her if you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone else.  She is in Guadalajara, Spain, however, and mail being what it is - don't even be in a hurry.  #$%$%# (cursing at the orange one).  

I've been watching way too much TV lately but many of them have been foreign films - because I've already binge-watched everything I thought I could possibly like.  What I like about foreign films is seeing the countryside or city views.  I wonder if the moviemakers use the same locations as an American director would?  Do we see more of the real Belgium, for instance, if it is a Belgium production?  I saw one that was set in Bath, England.  It was the most beautiful ancient city I have ever seen.  If I ran away from home, that is where I would go.  

One thing I see a lot of is the wind turbines.  I've never seen one up close, of course, not too many in downtown Houston but since I have traveled so little over the last couple of years there might be amazing things out there I am missing.  That why I love you bloggers, you have shared so much I'll never get to see.

I did not get to celebrate my Son's birthday last week.  That is the 4th birthday we have not been able to celebrate as a family.  I miss my Grand Girls so much but every time I think I'll break the quarantine, I think of how long I've already been inside and it only takes one exposure.  I miss family celebrations more than anything else.  Darn my diabetes and the added risk that adds.

A lot of contests expired at the end of August so I am hoping that I can report another win in the near future.  

More later....